Über den Autor

Dott. Giacomo Stefani

Via xx settembre 126
50129 Firenze
+39 055588096
studiaste@tin .it


  • 03/08/1960 born in Florence (Italy)
  • 1977 graduated as a Dental Technician
  • 1980-82 was working at the Dental Laboratory "Scarselli Stefano" in Florence
  • 1983 he entered the Graduate Program in Dentistry where graduated in 1989 with full Marks
  • 1990 he began his Activities as Freelancer
  • he attended in several specialization Courses in particular: Conservative, Periodontology and Dental Prosthesis
  • since 2005 he is dedicated to Implantology
  • since 2008 he attended courses of Dr. M. Degidi
  • he currently applies the Welding Intraoral Technique and immediate Loading
  • he lives and works in Florence as a Freelancer at the Studio Odontoiatrico Diamante e Stefani

Post-extraction, immediate-load Implant reusing the permanent metal-ceramic Crown in the aesthetic Zone with severe Bone defect


Case Description

A 45 year old female patients presented at our office because of mobility of tooth 1.2. The patient said that the tooth had been treated with apicoectomya few months earlier and that she had been noticing mobility for several days. The objective examination revealed a vestibular fistula andthe intraoral X-ray confirmed that it originated from tooth 1.2

After taking a detailed history and ruling out contraindications to the procedure, and considering the urgency of the case since the patient had to return to Panama City by the end of the week for work-related reasons, we proposed the following treatment plan: Asses the cause of the fistula, and if the tooth could not be saved, extract it, place an implant reusing the existing permanent crown or a with a temporary crown.After the patient gave her informed consent, we commenced the procedure.


In our opinion, the positive outcome of this case can be attributed to the patient’s good reaction to the materials used and the method followed. The patient’s total confidence in us, made it possible to work in a calm and serene situation.The use of Ankylos materials offered undeniable advantages: excellent primary stability of the implant, the possibility of using a small abutment,and a tapered connection thanks to the Degunormcoping. Lastly, the limited invasiveness of the procedure considering the situation permitted a complication-free postoperative course with stable results over time.