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MDDr.et MUDr. Jaroslav Valach, Ph.D.

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  • 2002 - Graduate Faculty - General Medicine, Charles University in Prague, Faculty in Hradec Kralove and Military Medical Academy
  • 2008 - Graduate Faculty - Dental Medicine, Charles University in Prague, The First Faculty of Medicine
  • 2/2014 - Graduate StudiesPh.D. Program - Experimental Surgery , participation in grant project NP VII 2B 06106, molecular biology of head and neck cancer


  • 2002 - 2005 General Surgery, Military Hospital, Prague.
  • 2005 – until now – Senior House Officer and Teacher of Department of Stomatology, The First Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague, Maxilofacial Surgery, specialization in dental implantology and esthetic rehabilitation by facial prosthesis using dental implants.


  • European Association for Osseointegration
  • European Association for CranioMaxilofacial Surgery
  • International Team for Implantology

Foreign study

  • 8/2000 Taipei Medical College Hospital, Taiwan


J.Krňoulová, D. Kynčlová, R.Foltán

Our first experience with WeldOne™ Concept – 1-year follow up



WeldOne core idea is based on the “Resistance spot welding technology”.
An electric current leads to fusion of the titanium material in the contact points between the titanium wire and the abutment in a fraction of a second.

  • The permanent joint between the titanium wire and the abutment enables to create a stable, passively fitting titanium framework. The WeldOne™ concept provides a stable, passively fitting framework for temporary or durable prostheses for immediate restorations – suitable for immediate or late loading.
  • This presentation demonstrates four examples of treatment using the WeldOne concept. This cases reports are related to the treatment of an edentulous upper and lower jaw with four, or six inserted implants and immediately loaded (in one case delated loaded) with prosthetic reconstruction performed by using WeldOne concept in the fixture level.There are no technical problem in 1-year post op.
  • The main advantages are: meeting the patients‘ demand for immediate restorations, surgical procedure and prosthetic delivery on the same day of surgery, significant time and cost reduction and using one abutment at one time philosophy in case of fixture level restorations.

Case I. Delated loading - durable solution

Case II. Immediate loading - temporary solution

Case III. Immediate loading - temporary solution, the using previous complete dentures as a shell

Case IV. Immediate loading - durable solution – all on four concept


With the WeldOne concept we make use of the solutions for edentulous situations and with the Ankylos implant system only. We engineer the framework in the implant level not only for temporary but for durable restorations as well. The main advantage of this solution is seen in using only one abutment and only one fixation screw. We didn’t take the advantage of the lab-tech chairside.
By using the WeldOne concept in total extend (immediate implantation & restoration in one day) we are able to reduce the amount of appointments by 70%. We also expect that the WeldOne concept is a stable and predictable method for long time full arch restorations.